Devin Langer, CEO – Regnal Media

Devin Clarence Langer is the CEO of Regnal Media. In addition to the hectic schedule of running a scumfuck scam brand, Devin also has a lengthy criminal history including convictions for burglary and theft.

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December 2013 Mugshot

May 2013 Mugshot

June 2012 Mugshot

January 2012 Mugshot

December 2011 Mugshot

Langer’s girlfriend Kortnie Renee Smith, who was previously listed on LinkedIn as Regnal Media’s HR Manager, has also had her fair share of run-ins with the law including felony convictions for theft and possession of heroin.


2 thoughts on “Devin Langer, CEO – Regnal Media

  1. This attorney asked if I was behind this and if I knew Devin? I said yes and that he worked for me years ago. As far as I knew he cleaned up but before he did he left heroin, needle, spoon and an entire kit at my office for my cleaners to find. I knew of his new scam and that he recruited someone that worked for me recently to come work for him. As the attorney told me the site I was looking at if for the fist time and saw another familiar face Joey McCallum. I grew up with him as a kid and knew that he was everything the site said and more. Remember these are just the crimes they’ve been caught for. 😳


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