A warning from the Vermont State Attorney General about Production Media Company

Attorney General’s Office Warns About Out Of State Business Soliciting Money On Behalf Of Local School

May 23, 2014

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office is warning Vermont businesses about a phone call or email from an out-of-state business asking the local business to donate money to support the area school by paying for an advertisement that that they will place on a full-color homework folder that will be provided to students free of charge. The out of state business is trying to collect money from local businesses far in excess of the cost of the “folders” that it may actually deliver to the school. Businesses are advised to be wary about contributing to this type of promotional scheme.

There may be more than one out- of-state business using this scheme. Some business names currently being used are “PNM”, Production Network Media, and “PMC”, Production Media Company. Previously, “American Youth Group” and “Student Relations Inc.” have used this scheme to raise money.

If your business has been a target, please make a complaint to the Consumer Assistance Program. You may use the on-line complaint form on our website, www.uvm.edu/consumer or send a written complaint to the following address: Consumer Assistance Program, 146 University Place, 103 Morrill Hall, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405.

CONTACT: Janet Murnane, Assistant Attorney General, (802) 656-3183

Sauce: Vermont State Attorney General’s Office

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