A Message From Vancouver’s Downtown Association

From Vancouver’s Downtown Association via Facebook

Vancouver s Downtown Association Home


Vancouver s Downtown Association Home (1)

VDA Constituents,

It has come to our attention that Core Brand Solutions has closed and may not have been operating ethically. If you had any dealings with them that you would like to report, we are providing links below for you to do that.

In addition, we have removed them as recipients of our Favorite New Business Award. VDA does not support such destructive behavior in the community. We are saddened that this has affected not only those who contracted their services, but also the employees left behind.

-Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant:


***UPDATE*** More more more on this situation: One of our very on-the-ball downtown merchants has let us know that they may still be contacting downtown businesses using a new identity. (Comfort Inn? Tourist Trapper?) PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

She gave me this web address:



I don’t remember what name she used, maybe Tourist Trapper, but I became suspicious as she described the service. (I had looked them up after you sent your alert because I wanted to see if it’s the co we paid to be included on an area map for tourists, which was supposed to be out in February, I think, and has yet to materialize.)

Anyway, I told this lovely lady, Sara, that we had received a fraud alert about her company, and she said that the person responsible for the fraud had relocated his business to Beaverton and she was staying on with one of the managers who has taken it upon himself to make good on the promises they had made, but under a new name.

Sara gave me this phone number: 503-607-4959 and said she didn’t yet have biz cards because the biz was brand new.

One thought on “A Message From Vancouver’s Downtown Association

  1. I received an email from Justin Dupree from a company called Velocity. I called number back to let him know that I already paid and signed up with a different company and same hotel. He proceeded to tell me that the other company closed and the hotel is using his company. He did not tell me HE WAS THE OTHER COMPANY! I will be reporting both companies!!!

    Justin Dupree
    Production Department
    P: (503) 345-4180 x 310 | M: (971) 732-2800
    Email: justin.dupree@govelocity.com
    Website: http://www.govelocity.com
    10250 SW Greenburg Rd, Suite 200 | Portland, OR 97223


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