Anatomy of a Scam: Regnal Media – How a Portland-area advertising startup is turning drug addicts & felons into white collar criminals

***UPDATE*** This is an update to a post originally published in June 2017. In response to this story, CEO Devin Langer contacted the author from his Regnal Media email account in July. He writes: "I've documented everything for quite some time now. I now feel it's the time to take action. I will not allow me or my employees in the recovery community to be harassed and bullied. I do not care about Core Brand Solutions, but I do care about my company very much."

Better Business Bureau WARNING About Core Brand Solutions, Tourist Trapper, & Velocity Marketing Partners

A company claiming to be based out of Vancouver, Washington is causing businesses to lose thousands of dollars with a too good to be true advertising scheme. According to Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest a company using the name Core Brand Solutions is targeting businesses across the U.S including Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and even all the way to Florida.  

Damon Davis, Account Manager – Regnal Media

Another Regnal Media Hall of Famer along with Devin Langer, Chris Larson, and Jacinto Hausinger - it's Account Manager Damon Jeffry Davis. Although Damon doesn't have the most impressive mugshot collection out of the Regnal Scam Crew, he certainly has the most impressive charges. For his July 2012 arrest, Damon racked at least 16 charges including Felony Possession of a Firearm; Delivery of both Cocaine & Heroin; Felony Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine; Felony Attempt to Elude; DUI; Reckless Driving; Reckless Endangerment; and Assault among others.

Christopher Larson, Co-Owner – Regnal Media

Christopher David Larson is the Co-Owner of Regnal Media along with scumfuck Devin Langer. Like Langer, Larson has a lengthy criminal record including charges for heroin possession, theft, and escape (!).

Better Business Bureau ALERT About Core Brand Solutions & Tourist Trapper Marketing

The Better Business Bureau issued an alert regarding both Core Brand Solutions and their latest scam brand Tourist Trapper Marketing...

A Message From Vancouver’s Downtown Association

From Vancouver's Downtown Association via Facebook   VDA Constituents, It has come to our attention that Core Brand Solutions has closed and may not have been operating ethically. If you had any dealings with them that you would like to report, we are providing links below for you to do that. In addition, we have … Continue reading A Message From Vancouver’s Downtown Association

Anatomy of a Scam: The Core Brand Solutions & Production Media Company Connection

Core Brand Solutions REALLY doesn't want you to know that they used to be part of Production Media Company. So much so that Core Brand Solutions' employs shills to patrol online forums like spreading misinformation about how deep their connections really go while at the same time attempting to dispel any notion that they are a scam. With Production Media Company's online reputation and abysmal Better Business Bureau rating, you can't really blame Core Brand Solutions for trying to distance themselves from such an obviously shady operation.

A warning from the Vermont State Attorney General about Production Media Company

Attorney General’s Office Warns About Out Of State Business Soliciting Money On Behalf Of Local School May 23, 2014 The Vermont Attorney General’s Office is warning Vermont businesses about a phone call or email from an out-of-state business asking the local business to donate money to support the area school by paying for an advertisement … Continue reading A warning from the Vermont State Attorney General about Production Media Company

Julie Goss, Business Development Specialist – Core Brand Solutions

Formerly with Production Media Company, Julie Goss has a long-standing reputation of fucking people over going back to her days as an insurance agent. In June 2012, Julie was charged with forgery and theft for writing over 90 fraudulent insurance policies and collecting more than $15,000 in commissions. That same year, the Special Investigations Unit of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner revoked Julie's insurance license.