April 2016 Paintball Scumfuck Team Building Excercise

(Top row L-R: Brandon Treat, Corey Fuselier, Christopher Larson, Thad Hinton, Martin Hage, unknown, Greg Stolzenburg. Bottom row L-R: Joe McCallum, Dereck Coutts, unknown, Justin Dupree)


Core Brand Solutions is the scammy offspring of another scumfuck company called Production Media Company. PMC was founded in Beaverton, Oregon and is now based in Bellevue, Washington according to their Better Business Bureau profile. Jennifer Hanson (aka Jennifer Ferraro) is listed as President according to BBB. Since 2012, Production Media Company has racked up a whopping 160 complaints with the BBB and another 70+ one star reviews on the company’s Yelp page.

The business names’ have evolved, but the scam remains the same. Similar scam companies include:

NEW! Velocity Marketing Partners (active)

NEW! Smart Choice Payments (active)

NEW! Hero Wireless (aka Bespeak – active)

NEW! Core Social Media (now offline)

NEW! Beta Wave Digital (active)

NEW! Tourist Trapper (active)

Planning Folders, LLC (active)

Regnal Media (now offline)

Regnal Media Vancouver (active)

Core Brand Solutions (now offline)

Core Hospitality Solutions (now offline)

Core Canna Solutions (now offline)

Direct To Guest (now offline)

Greeted Guest (now offline)

Guided Guest (now offline)

Tablio (now offline)

Bench Craft Company (active)

Game Day Media (active)

PMC Networking (active)

Real Estates Folders (now offline)


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